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Related article: Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 06:18:14 EST From: Mstapleton25aol.com Subject: Weekend with Brother Richard/Adventures at Hamilton U-6 Adventures at Hamilton U By M.J. Blackheart part 6 Disclaimer: This story contains Fictional bisexual, incestious sexual activity. If this content is offensive to you leave now. If it turns you on keep going and I hope you blow a juicy load. I had gotten Mel to the hospital in time, Thank GOD! I won't go into all the details of it, but due to the circumstances Mel was ushered into the delivery room on the third floor of Spring Haven GH with in only moments of us exiting the elevator, the crappy music still ringing in our ears. My brother arrived only moments after and was shown into the back to take his place as coach. I of course waited impatiantly in the waiting room and was when I pulled out my cell phone was asked not to use it. I then went outside and called our parents and they were on the way. I then called my best friend Ben. "Sup man, Long time no call." Ben laughed as he answered his phone. "Dude, Mel is going into labor early and I think I might be the cause of it." I rambled off with out anyother introductions. "What the hell?!" Ben asked. I could hear the worry in his voice as I am sure he could hear the the worry in mine. I was sure his worry was as much for me as for Mel and for the new baby. I looked around, left, right, and then seeing that I was alone in the small smoking alcove outside the main entrance I told Ben all about what had happened that day. I started with me taking Rob to pick up his car on my way to orentation. I told him about the really hot guy that I would be rooming with, Nick Lawson. I told him about my encounter with Officer William D. Edgans (whome I had told him about over the phone before.) I told him about the odd coincedance that Professor Edward Brinkman, one of my Profs was also related to William's girl Stacy, and that Prof Ed and Stacy had walked in on William and I. As I told him all this I was leaning against the brick wall, and looking about still to be sure I was alone. I was glad I was because dispite the circumstances I was getting myself boned and my hand was rubbing my fat hard cock through the fabric of my shorts. Then I pulled the digital cam out of my pocket and looked at the pic of Mel and Heather getting busy on the dinning room table and told Ben all about this part too. "Oh my Fuckin' God, dude. Miss Perfect was getting it on without Robby?" Ben gasped. "Hell yeah she was and she wasn't supposed to be getting it on at all in her condition." I went on and then told Ben how I had taken the pic and then made a fresh fuss about coming in, and how the scene had changed to two out of breath, but dressed women when I did come into the room. I told him about Heather leaving and about how as I started to pack to move in to the dorm with Nick Lawson that Mel went in labor and about my fear that maybe I had been the cause. "Dude I so hope that I didn't cause it. I hope everything is okay with the baby, and even Mellony, though I think she is such a fuckin Bitch right now." I said. "Rich, chill. It wasn't your fault. She was fuckin' around and she wasn't supposed to. That is what did it. You'll drive yourself nuts if you think anything else. It was her fault if it was anyone's fault, but Maybe it was just time. Maybe the docters were wrong about how far along she was and if so then the baby has to be Rob's and your off the hook all together. Just Lolitas Nymphet Bbs chill dude, take it easy. And as for that Prof catching you getting it on, Hey maybe he'll be cool and you might have a new friend." He laughed and I couldn't help doing so too. I recalled that Prof Ed was kind of hot for an older dude. Just talking to Ben made me feel a lot better and I calmed totally as I leaned, rubbed and relaxed as I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. "I love you man. I miss you a lot, Ben." I said with a slight smile on my face. I was turning myself on as I stood in public and played with myself. "How bad do you want to get arrested?" I nearly jumped out of my skin at the sound of the voice to my left coming around the corner into the little alcove. I had gotten to comfortable, Ben had done the job I had hoped he would, but I had gotten way to laxed as I had started thinking of his cock in my mouth or ass as I heard his voice over the phone. Now at the sound of this new voice I nearly dropped the cellphone. My hand dropped away from my bulgeing crouch and my eyes popped open and I thought perhaps they were going to spring out of my head, but then as I saw who it was I took a deep breath and Lolitas Nymphet Bbs relaxed again. Rob stood there with a smile on his face that I was happy to see after all that had happened. This registered that everything was okay. "You know I bet the cops in this town would frown on that kind of activities in public." He almost was laughing at my obvious embarressment, my almost heart attack. "Got to go Ben, Rob is out here now." I spoke into the phone even as Rob spoke, and I thought that there was at least one cop in this town that might try and help me out if he was the one who caught me. "Love ya man, I'll fill you in later." and then I blew him a kiss over the phone. "Diddo man, give Robby my regards, Tell him I love him too, but I love you more, Chow lover." with that I could hear the usual sadness in Ben's voice about us all being apart. Before I could say anything else he hung up, and I did the same a moment after, and looked to my Bro as I stuffed my cell phone in my pocket. "So how is everything?" I asked with a worried tone as I looked Rob up and down for any further signs of what he might say, but all I could see was a happy Brother with a big smile, and even a bit of a chubby in his pants. Rob walked over to a bench that was near at hand and sat down, got comfy and smiled up at me. "Everything's cool, Rich. Mel is sleeping, the Baby is sleeping, and I checked on Jamie in that little daycare room and he's sleeping too. Doctor was worried for a sec cause she was only eight months, but the baby, by the way it was another boy and he'll be Joshua, anyway Josh is normal term weight and looks good so nothing to worry about." I gave a sigh of relief. "Can't wait to see him. He look like you or Mel?" I asked and then bit my lip because there was that possability that he might look like me and that might be a sour spot. "After the doc layed Josh on Mel's chest she said he looked like he had my nose, and he has a lot of dark hair like me." Rob smiled. Though he sounded relieved I thought that there was still that possability that Josh might be mine. But then Rob went on. "Well you ready to go see our baby boy?" and there was something in the way he said it that didn't make me think he was talking about himself and Mel, but himself and me. I smiled a big goofy grin and nodded. He stood and we both went in and started into the first elevators we found. Rob hit the three on the controls and as the doors shut and with a shudder the little metal box started to rise, but just as it came to a point half way bettween two and three there was another shudder and we stopped, an alarm went off, and there was a dimming of the light for a moment as it flickered. "Oh my GOD!" I screamed in my head, but not out loud. Actually I just stood there and looked at Rob's surprised look and then at the doors. "Lovely." Was what I actually blurted as calmly as I could. Rob also seemed calm. "Guess we should have taken the stairs. I remember that nurse telling me the elevators had been acting up, FUCK!" Rob stamped, and cussed then, but for the most part he seemed calm. We stood there for a moment and then there was a buzzing noice and then a voice was replacing the crappy music over the intercom speakers. "Don't panic. There is a crew in rought to get you out, though it might take a few moments." It was a female voice. Rob pushed the intercom reply button on the control panal and asked how long it might be, "No way to tell for sure, but it could be a close to three hours, more like one. last time this happened it was an hour and a half, but don't panic we are responding and we will get you out." "Okay. My brother and I are cool with it. Don't hurry." Rob let go of the button and looked at me. "To bad we're not still getting it on, this would make one hell of a hot place to have at it." he then gave a little nervou laugh. "Well..." I smiled at him. "Anytime your ready big boy." I smiled and grabbed my cock. It had started to chub up again. "We can't and we both know it. We know how Mel feels about it...." He then trailed off and looked at his own bulge. He hadn't had sex in over seven months, not since the night our father had had a mild heart attack and he had found Ben and I at the Budget Inn back in Ohio. "Rob there is something I think you need to know. I didn't want to have to tell you this and I'm not sure this is even the right time, but Mel was getting it on with Heather. I pulled the camera out of my pocket and quickly turned it on and pushed the buttons to get the pic on the digital screen. I handed it out to a very stunned brother. "NO FUCKIN WAY!" He said and at first he wouldn't take the cam to look at the pic, but then he did and his face went from anger to shock and then anger again. "She knew that she couldn't have sex. She knew that it might cause a miscarriage, and she was so adament about us being faithful after what happened before. MOTHER FUCKER!" Rob was really pissed and I hated it. He then turned to me and went on. "How long have you known, Why didn't you tell me sooner. That baby up there could have been killed because of THIS!" he shoved the cam back at me as if he couldn't look at it anymore. "WHAT WAS SHE FUCKIN THINKING AND WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME WHEN YOU FOUND OUT INSTEAD OF WATCHING AND TAKING A FUCKING PICTURE!" He was pacing around the square box of the elevator with me in the center, I didn't know what to say at first and then I figured the truth would be best with Rob no matter what, and besides the truth was on my side anyway. "STOP FUCKIN YELLING AT ME!" I yelled back more for effect then from anger. I had known he would act like this. "I didn't find out until I got home from orentation today. I caught them at it, though Mel and Heather didn't see me. I didn't know what to do at the time, number one because I didn't want to startle Mellony. Then there was the fact that you might not believe me when I did tell you and I intended to tell you, you had a right to know that while you were going without she was getting on with a little lesbian action." I paused and took a breath. "So I took the pic as proof so you wouldn't think it was just a trick to get you in bed. I do want you in bed, but not because of this." I shoved the camera at him again, but he didn't take it, though he looked at the screen again. I went on. "After I took the pic I made like I was coming in again, only a bit noisie and yelled that I was home. I didn't want to scare them, ecspecially Mel, but then what else could I do to make it stop? By the time I got into the living room it was over and I went up to my room just as soon as Heather left, and then it was a bit after that when I had started to pack to move to the dorm that her water broak and you know the rest. I didn't get a chance to tell you Lolitas Nymphet Bbs when it happened, and I wanted to show you the pic when I did so you wouldn't be mad at me and accuse me of making it up. I LOVE you bro and I don't want to be the one to hurt you, or Mel, but I did it the way I thought best." I was panting and he had stopped pacing and was looking at me as he leaned against the mirrored wall, a couple tears running down his face. "WHY though, why would she do this? Was she trying to kill Josh because he might be yours?" he sobbed. "I don't know bro, Maybe she was just lonely. Maybe she missed you since you have to work so much and heather was there. You wouldn't be willing to risk it, but heather might have been, even if they were thinking about that at all. I mean. Shit happens, Look at us, It happened and you would never have thought it would before." I walked over to my big bro and put a hand on his shoulder and squeezed. I wanted to wrap my arms around him and hold him, but since he was leaning with his back to the wall I couldn't and I wasn't going to force it. "Yeah maybe, but you planned it with us." He gave a little half smile and punched me in tha arm. "Fucker." He said, but not mean and then it was him that hugged me. I went with it. I leaned into him and wrapped my arms around my big bro as he did the same to me and we both started to cry. Then as we started to pull away and we looked into eachother's faces it struck, lightning. Our mouths locked and we hugged harder still and out tongues began to work in our mouths as they slipped and wiggled on eachother and darted back and forth between the two moist caverns, rubbing teeth as they did. "TO hell with it, if she can I can. OHHH!" Rob had me against the other wall and he was sucking and licking down my jaw and down my chin and my throat. He lifted my arms and my T was off in a flash and he was sucking my nips and licking my abs. I had just had sex earlier that day, but I was so fucking hard that there was no way of anyone telling that, and I had wanted this to happen again for so long. Rob undid my pants and they where at my ancles in a second with my boxers and my hard teen cock was in his mouth. My big brother was again sucking and licking his little bro's big dick and he remembered all the tricks I had taught him as his tongue lapped at the underside of the shaft, and at my balls, and then back up and swirled around my crown and lapped my slit, savoring the pre jizz that was already leaking out. I was in heaven, and I thrust my hips into him as my balls bounced off his chin and he bobbed on my shaft, my pubes ground into his nose and I loved it. I held his head and he had his arms around my legs and was grasping and fingering my taught and quivering ass. "Turn around!" He commanded as he pulled off my dick with the sound of a POP. I did as my big bro commanded and assumed the possition as I splayed my fingers on the mirrored wall infront of me and spread my legs as wide as I could with my ancles still circled by clothing. I looked down and both saw and felt my cock throbbing and bouncing with anticipation. It was then that I felt his nose and tongue enter my crack as his hands grasped my cheeks and seperated them. Rob dug his tongue in my ass like he had never done before. He as a wild man-cunt eater and his tongue went all over my crack, playing with the little hairs, going down to lap the back of my nuts and the little patch know as the taint just behind the balls and infront of the pucker whole. He ravished Lolitas Nymphet Bbs me with his mouth. I felt a finger in my ass then, and then another, even as his tongue went about its work. "Ohhhh, Rob, I've wanted this for so LONG! I MISSED THIS!" I moaned loadly and panted for breath as I held my eyes closed tight and imagined all the other times we had gotten it on, and tried to think when it was really this good, but I couldn't think, I was in a uphoric state of bliss and for a second that bliss was interupted as Rob stopped, but then I felt his cock head, he had removed it from his Lolitas Nymphet Bbs pants and was now standing behind me. I felt the slickness of his spit, and as he lined up he shoved and OHHHHH the feel of my Big Bro's dick in my ass again was heavenly. I thrust back as he thrust forward and I felt it hit my spot. Also Rob reached around my front and grasped my dick and started frantically jerking me as he fucked my ass. "FUCK MEL, I LOVE TO FUCK YOU BETTER, LITTLE BRO!" He rammed in hard and then he was out again. "GOING TO BE FUCKING YOU MORE OFFTEN NOW TOO! GET READY FOR BIG BROTHER'S SPUNK IN YOUR MAN-PUSSY! BIG BROTHER FOUND HIS GROOVE AGAIN AND HE LOVES IT AS MUCH AS HE LOVES HIS BABY BRO!" He was screaming as he fucked me and I was moaning like a bitch dog in heat. I was loving all the dirty talk, loving the feel of his cock at it pounded my insides and packed me tight. "OHHHHH ROB!" was all I could moan as I panted and felt my nuts pulling up and I knew I was close. I knew I was about to blow and I knew he was too as I could feel his head deep in me throbbing and pulsing as it leaked it's lubricating man juices. It wasn't long. "OHHHHHH FUCK!" We both yelled practically at the same time each moaning the other's name at the end of each exclaimation as we blew our loads. I felt Rob's dick grow and pulse as it shot his seed in me, filling me with all the potential brother's and sisters of Jamie and Josh. I shot their potential cousins(and potentially Josh's siblings) all over the mirrored wall, and even then Rob continued to pump my cock for a few more moments and continued also to pump his deflating cock in and out of my ass a few more times. "OHHHH, I missed that feeling, and I missed it with Lolitas Nymphet Bbs you." As Rob finally popped out of my cum leaking ass and gave my own dick a couple last squeezes he hugged me, and kissed my neck. We stood like that a moment and then he turned me around and we kissed on the mouth again. and again as we had started it was with passion and love, and animal hunger. The lights flickered again and the elevator gave a jerk. "Better hurry or we're both going to get arrested." Rob stepped back from me with that big smile and tucked his cummy, and Lolitas Nymphet Bbs I noticed slightly shitty cock back into his pants and zipped. I took the cue and quickly jerked Lolitas Nymphet Bbs up my boxers and pants and was just snapping up when the doors opened. "You two okay?" It was the nurse that had spoken to us, she had also been the one to admit Mel. "Just peacy, nothing could ruin this day." Rob grinned and looked at the burl repair man who was now closing some sort of little door in the lower part of the wall. "Come on, Rich. Time to see Our baby and Mellony." With that Rob passed the nurse and the repair man and we where both off down the hall. I smiled at both as I passed and had this guilty, girlish urge to start giggling, but it was just a big smile, and I followed Rob. I heard the nurse ask the repair man. "What's on that mirror, someone must have spilled something in here. OHH my GOD it's cum, I hope those two nice guys didn't see that." I had to stiffle a laugh and I know Rob had heard her too as he did give a giggle. *** When Rob and I got to Mel's room Josh was in a little rolling crib beside Mel's hospital bed. Rob picked the baby up as he smiled at Mellony as if nothing had just happened. "Feeling okay, sweetheart?" He asked sweetly, and I don't know how he did it. How he seemed so ablivious to what had happened, but I guessed it was the knowledge that he too had just gotten it on, not just with a friend, but with his brother, but however and for what ever reason he was cool as a cucumber. "Still tired." Mel mumbled and I assumed it was the drugs. "Ohh you think your tired now, you wait til we get home and the docter gives the Ok. Then you'll be tired. Seven months is way to long to wait." He gave he a sit eatin grin and then handed Josh to me after he gave him a little kiss on the head. "Robert!" She scolded him, as she looked over at me and then back at me. She didn't look to happy, but I didn't know if it was because Rob had diliberatly mentioned them having sex in front of me or if it was him handing Josh to me, I assumed that too had been diliberate, but I just sat in the rocker in the corner and held the baby as I used to hold Jamie when he was a baby, but somehow I felt something different with Josh because there was always going to be that part in the back of my mind that screamed, "He could be yours." But he did look like Rob. The three of us chatted about nothing for a few, mostly me telling them about orientation, and how I had been late and how I had been called out about it by the dean infront of everyone. (Mel actually smiled at this point.) I told them about my new roomy, or what I knew about Nick Lawson and Rob seemed to give a knowing smile as if he hoped to hear details later. I did mention that I thought the guy was probably strait, and looked like a jock. I told them that started class first thing in the morning and that I guessed I would have to move into the dorm tomarrow afternoon.(Rob frowned, but Mel smiled.) It was not long after that the nurse came in and said that she would take Josh to the nursery if Mel wanted, and she asked Rob if he would be staying the night. "I would, but I need to get my other son fromt he daycare room and get him home." He leaned over and gave Mel another quick kiss and told her he'd see her tomorrow. "I'm sure Rich wouldn't mind taking Jamie home since he isn't going to be in the dorm tonight." Mel put in hopefully and looked at me as if for help. I just looked from Mel to Rob. "Well, Richard, has class in the morning and he needs to finish packing and clean up, and get to bed. I know he's had a long day, and also mom and dad are on the way. They don't know the way here so they will stop at the house, and I want to be there when they get there. Sorry, Hun, I'd stay if I could, but looks like this time it's just not the case, though maybe tomarrow when Mom is here she'll keep Jamie and I'll stay." "That sounds very good, Mr. Mathews." The nurse butted in, and waited for one of us to answer her about Josh going to the nursery. Mellony gave her a look and then shrugged. The whole time I had been holding Baby Josh and now I handed him to Rob, after giving him a little kiss, and then Rob gave him a little kiss, and then held him down so Mel could do the same, and she did. Then Rob put Josh in the little rolling crib and pushed it to the nurse. Josh then for the first time started to cry. "I'll see that he's fed in the nursery, I hope you all have a good evening." The nurse said and then she was gone pushing the crib in front of her as she went down the hall. "See you tomarrow." Rob said and gave Mel one more kiss, this one a little longer, and with a bit more passion. She too said bye to Rob, but not to me, and then Rob and I left the room. We took Lolitas Nymphet Bbs the stairs down, smiling at eachother as we passed the elevators and hurried to our own cars. Rob shot out of the parking lot at top speed in his freshly fixed car, and I fallowed. I thought as I drove that we would have a few hours yet before Mom and Dad got in town. I had most of my shit packed already. Rob and I had started having sex again. We would have the house all alone til Mom and Dad got there. I cranked up the radio as AC/DC's Highway to Hell came out of the speakers and I knew I might be on that road, but Oh was I going to have fun on the way. Again sorry that it has taken me so long to get another one of these out there was a few things going on, and I had actually forgotten about it until I got a couple e-mails to incorrage me. Sorry I didn't reply back, but my old mail is goofy now, so any future comments or suggestions MStapleton25AOL.com. The more I hear from you all that like this story the more I am incorraged to keep it up. So keep in touch and tell me what you think of it, good and or bad.Most of all Keep wanking and I hope you blow a big load.
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